Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states how (Site) collects, maintains, uses and opens the information taken from its users (User). This Privacy Policy is applied to all products or services presented by the Site.

Personal Data Statements

User visits the Site and shares some personal data for identifying him or her as a real existing person. The Site may ask the following personal data: User’s name, e-mail, credit card number and phone number. This information may be used for allowing you to make an order, to fill a form for buying services, to place comments and testimonials in the blog, to connect with other activities presented on the Site. The User is not obliged to disclose his/her personal data; Users have the right to choose whether to give or not their personal information. The Site can be visited anonymously. However, Users can’t refuse to provide us with their personal identification information, if they want to engage with the Site.

Non-personal Data Statements

The Site may collect the following non-personal identification information from its Users: which type of device or computer they use, what is the name of a browser, what are the means of connection with the Site. The information about the Internet provider of our users, types of their used operation systems and other similar things are important for us.

We use “Cookies”

We use cookies (small text files that are located on Users’ computers by web browsers), because they accumulate some useful information about Users and may be applied for record keeping. Cookies store some information about the cooperation between Users and the Site, and Users don’t need to fulfill this data each time they visit the Site. Before entering the Site, Users can refuse cookies via making certain web browser settings or they can be alerted that their cookies are being sent.

Why we need to collect personal information? collects its Users’ personal data for using it in the following purposes:

- To personalize users’ experience. This information gives us an opportunity to gather the information about our Users’ preferences;

- To improve customer service. With the help of the collected information our customer service managers could consult our Users more efficiently and quickly;

- To monitor payments processing. When Users place orders on the Site, they pay for delivering products or services provided here. It is natural that we need specific personal data about the User for delivering the order. The Site doesn’t share this information with any third parties, only in exceptional situations when there is strong necessity to do so.

- To send periodic e-mails. E-mail is the most convenient permanent way of connection with our clients. We need personal e-mails of Users for informing them about the orders, updates and possible changes of services. We also use our clients’ e-mails for responding on their requests, questions or inquire. The User is not obliged to subscribe to the Site’s mailing list, which include information about service updates of the Site, product sales, company news, some individual profitable offers and other information. Still the User can unsubscribe of the mailing list easily and quickly via emailing the Site about his/her request.

- When we need to improve the Site.We need to receive our Users feedbacks about their opinions and proposals in order for developing and improving the level of our provided services.

- When we establish contests, promotional events, interesting offers and other features. The Site always develops and chooses features, which could be attractive for Users.

When we share the personal information

There are certain cases, when we share the personal identification data of Users. First, we share this data only with our verified business partners, who advertise our services. We will never sell, trade or rent or our Users’ data to outside parties for profit.

The System of User’s data protection

The personal information of our Users, which includes also the details of transactions, stores on the Site and is thoroughly protected. Unauthorized disclosure is ruled out thanks to our high tech security system: our experts use current verified measures of data collecting and storage, so the data of our Users is successfully saved from any unforeseen access of outside parties.

We use SSL secured communication channel for storing and monitoring the exchange of private data and other sensitive information between Users and the Site. This system needs the encryption of the process and a secure digital signature.

The Privacy Policy Updates can update or change this Privacy Policy at its distraction. All the updates and changes will be posted on this page, the date of updating will be posted also. So, Users should be attentive before placing their orders on our Site and check carefully all the details of our Privacy Policy. We highly recommend our Users to sign for receiving our updates according our data protection. If the User agrees with this Privacy Policy, he/she is responsible to review periodically the information, described on this page, in order to be aware of changes and updates.

The Terms of Use.Acceptance

When the User uses this Site and orders its products and services, he/she agrees with our Privacy Policy. When the User disagrees with any of our Privacy statements, he/she should refuse from using this Site in order to escape any misconceptions. If the User continues to contact with the Site without learning its terms of use, it may mean his/her silent agreement.

Our Contacts takes responsibility for consulting Users according to any their requests, questions and proposals about this described above Privacy Policy terms and conditions. Users are welcomed to contact us any time.