Enjoy our Affiliate program and get paid

Would you like to build your own business? Our company is ready to provide you professional services in social media marketing and promotional. Out team is always ready to help each and every client. The process of reselling is very clear and easy. So anyone who has a computer can start making money with our company. Our resellers generate sales and allow us professional services.

Resellers will keep a good percentage of the profit.

People who do not have much experience in the internet marketing will help necessary support from our Customer Support team. Our duty is providing services, while yours is keeping clients, branding your own business and profits.

Here is a step by step guidance of earning money in online regime.

1. In order to start our cooperation you must have your own website where you will be able to collect orders. In case you already have your site, you can go directly to the 3rd step. The process of making your own website can be time consuming and will cost you a big sum. We can recommend you to build website using WordPress. You will face no difficulties with creating your website logo, giving the name and editing necessary details. Such a website will make your company much more effective.

2. When your website is created, you can start marketing it online as well as to your personal connections. We recommend you to search for new buyers on various forums. They are excellent places which will help you increase sales and your profit. Don’t forget about social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. They will help you spread your message and offer around the world. Your website and services will become noticeable. Our specialists suggest you create your own fan page on Facebook as well as Twitter. They are very effective platforms for promoting your business. Try to make a video on YouTube. This is another powerful method to generate organic traffic.

3. Make-up prices if you want to make the profit. You are free to choose the rates on your services. From our side we will send you information about other resellers so you will be able to compare and set a proper pricing. We are proud of our rates which are absolutely unbeatable. They give you a good chance to mark-up on them and remain competitive.

4. When you get a sale you should place the order, adding to Google doc. You will keep your profit and we will deliver our services shortly.

Start new marketing campaign is very easy!

Service Delivery Time

Time of service delivery depends on each individual order but as a rule it takes around one week.